FAQ & Support


1) Do compatible printer cartridges have a better quality than remanufactured ones, since they are new-built products?

Vileed compatible and remanufactured cartridges are all made up to our high quality standard. Remanufactured cartridges do not mean sacrifice of quality. We offer remanufactured cartridges for some printer models, simply because that those printers require very high precision of mechanism which cannot be reached by compatible mouldings; Or because that those printers require very high precision of electrical circuitry which cannot be achieved by compatible ones.

Remanufactured printer cartridges are OEM original printer-brand cartridges that have been through one cycle of use before undergoing a professional remanufacturing process. These cartridges are:

1. thoroughly cleaned

2. inspected for any possible shell leakages or other damages

3. tested to ensure that the electrical circuitry is operational (for inkjets), or other key parts functional

4. filled with a high quality equivalent ink or toner formulation

5. replace worn parts and components with compatible new ones

6. undergo and pass complete QC test

Only cartridges that pass our rigorous inspection process and meet our high quality standards can finally become Vileed brand remanufactured cartridges.

2) Will I get the same page yield from a Vileed printer cartridge as an original one?

You will get at least the same number of printed pages from compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges as you will get from an original OEM printer cartridge. Actually in many cases, you usually get some more pages of print per cartridge over their original printer cartridges.

3) Will using compatible or remanufactured cartridges void my printers’ warranty?

Many customers express a legitimate concern as to whether the use of third-party ink or toner will void their printer’s warranty. The answer is no. Major printer manufacturers sell home and office printers at very low profit. They mainly make their profits from selling the cartridges. That’s why they strongly recommend you to use their original printer cartridges. But they can only recommend. They cannot threaten you by warranty void, since that is illegal.

A printer warranty cannot be voided just because a consumer chooses to use compatible, third-party products unless the manufacturer can prove that the compatible product caused direct damage to the consumer’s printer. No company, associate, salesperson, or service technician can deny service or a refund that would otherwise be covered under a warranty program simply because the customer used a compatible product. We warrants that under normal use and operation, our printer cartridges will not cause any damage, abnormal wear, or deterioration to any printer for which the cartridge was specifically designed. Any claim that the use of compatible or remanufactured cartridge has resulted in printer damage must be verified with reliable evidence that the cartridge is the direct cause.

For End-user Online Purchase

1) Where do you deliver?

We deliver to any countries all around the world.

2) What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Delta, American Express and JCB cards.

3) What are your current customers of online store?

Our current customers of online store are mainly personal users, corporate users, schools, banks and government organizations. Some of the offline distributors will place sample or trial orders online, since it is very convenient.

4) Is my credit card information secure?

All Credit Card information is passed over a secure connection using the latest encryption technology. When you go to the 'Checkout' page, you will see that the page starts with 'https' (meaning secure SSL connection) and there is a padlock at the bottom of your browser window indicating this. Your details are only decrypted after they reach our fulfillment department. Our systems are extremely secure and so your credit card details are safe. You can also try other payment method such as western union, or moneygram.

5) Do I get warranty for Vileed products or services I purchased online?

All Vileed standard-made products sold online have 90 days warranty from the date of delivery. For specially tailored products, please check their specific warranty terms on the product pages.

For Distributors Offline Purchase

1) Do you provide sample for distributors?

To help our new distributors to know about the quality of Vileed products/ services, we can supply the samples as you required. Depending on different products, we can offer free samples, paid samples at a discounted price or samples with full charge. For some promotion products, we can refund you sample charge fully or partially if you . Please kindly note that shipping cost of samples will be bared by buyers in all cases, and it is not refundable. Please kindly contact us if you have sample request.

2) Do you have MOQ (minimum order requirement) for orders from distributors?

We do not set any MOQ for distributors’ orders. You can order any quantity and amount you want, except for very few products that we have MOQ requirement (2pcs-10pcs, which is not big quantity). But you need to reach basic order quantity of each product in order to enjoy distributor price (which is much lower than the retail prices listed in this online store). The basic order quantities of each product are different, starting from 10pcs to maximum 100pcs. 

If your order amount is less than USD5000, the price will be based on exwork.

If your order amount is above USD5000, the price will be based on FOB Zhuhai (THC/ORC/CFS charges, ENS fee and handling charge from freight forwarder are not included)

Our FOB price include following fees & charges:

Fees and charges

Charged by

BL fee

Freight forwarder

Seal charge

Trucking fee to the seaport

Trucking Company

Container loading cost

Loading workers

Exportation clearance fee

Clearance Broker

Docking fee


Quarantine fee

Quarantine Bureau

3) What are your payment terms for distributors’ offline purchase?
Recommended for sample orders or trial orders:
Payment through Western Union, Moneygram, Sigue
Payment by credit card (transaction fee will be added to the order amount)
Recommended for orders:
T/T bank transfer (interbank charge should be bared by buyer); 
Irrevocable L/C (accepted for order amount above USD30000, otherwise handling fee will be charged)

4) What’s your shipping method for distributors?
We ship orders by sea, by air, or by courier. Our total care shipping service is available for most countries. By this service, we will take care of both shipping and importation custom clearance at your side. And for some countries, we can even quote DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) price, which means our quotation has already included import duty and all other possible fees. In this way, you will get a fixed price before your importation, and it is convenient for your cost control. This is special value-added service offered by Vileed, which is rarely offered by other suppliers. Please contact us to find the best shipping solution for your country.

5) What documents will you provide to distributors for importation?
Documents offered free of charge: B/L, Invoice, Packing list, Non-wooden packing declaration
Documents offered at charge: Country of origin, Form A, Form E, Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Pre-shipment Inspection, CCPIT Certificate. Please chick to see the document sample.

6) What’s your warranty & RMA policy for distributors?
All of our products are warranted from defects for normal life under standard use. For most standard Vileed products sold to distributors offline, our warranty period is 180 days from the boarding date stated on the B/L. For some products which have short shelf life (such as white color UV ink of shelf life 6 months), or products that is specially customized, warranty period will be shorter. We cannot guarantee against damage resulting from improper storage or other misuse, nor shall we be liable for incidental or consequential damages. In any case the Buyer shall have no remedy for any quality problems if he fails to notify us thereof within 180 days from the date of delivery. Please refer to our "Return Authorization" for details. 
The Buyer shall examine the goods as soon as goods received and shall notify us in writing within 5 days of receipt, if the model, specification quantity or packing of goods is not in accordance with his/ her purchase order. Any claim exceeds such time limit will not be accepted.
Regarding the handling of defective products, we usually do as follows:
For small quantity of defective cartridges, please kindly send us report and some proof of quality problem, such as photo, and scanned print sheets, etc. And we will send you replacement cartridge of same model and quantity alongwith next shipment.
For batch problems, firstly we need several pieces samples to be sent back to us, once we test the samples and confirm the batch problem, we will arrange shipping back the defective cartridges, and replace them with next shipment.