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Quality Control

Vileed is dedicated to make quality products up to highest standard.

Since our establishment, we have developed strict quality control system to ensure that we always provide the best. Every product is manufactured under stringent quality control guidelines to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. Our products have been approved by world’s leading banks, financial institutions, universities, corporate users and large vendors.

To ensure the highest possible quality standards, Vileed has worked with numbers of reliable suppliers to source the very best materials and components. Our critical incoming component analysis relies upon state-of-the-art equipment and highly refined testing. Also, our unique partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers of raw materials result in proprietary co-developed combinations that ensure high reliability and performance.

As a leading factory of printer, cartridges & supplies, input & finishing devices,  Vileed has Zero tolerance against any manufacturing defects. Our in-house designing & moulding, latest technology with cost-effective solutions and efficient management system ensures quality products at attractive rates. To produce consistent quality, our production engineers make every effort to streamline manufacturing processes and minimize human error through automation while also allowing us to remain competitive by reducing labor costs. Professional manufacturing and reinvesting annually in advanced production equipment at our factory ensure high benchmark for quality standards are continually met.

Vileed's every piece of product has a tracking number with a barcode that is kept in our factory ERP system. This tracking barcode provides full QC information on parts, components, test results, and the production line responsible. This allows complete quality tracking and accountability.

See our quality control process:

  • Material Quality Control

Material vendor audit/ support

Material vendor quality management & rating system

Incoming raw material QC 

Sampling test

Abnormal control

  • In-process Quality Control

First article inspection (FAI) 

On-site inspection prior to each assembly process

Patrol inspection 

100% full printing test one by one

Rework control 

Final work post inspection

  • Quality Reliability Control

Function basic test

User-friendly test

Dropping & vibration test to prevent damage during transportation

Environment substance test to ensure products reliability globally

Life-time duration test

Visual inspection to ensure no appearance defects

Post pack inspection by random selection

  • Post-production Quality Control

Batch audit inspection

QC Report Review

Packing Check

Shipping Inspection

Research & Development

Vileed has the most exhaustive R&D methodology in the industry. Our R&D team are dedicated to developing new products to meet the demands of both new and existing markets with emphasis on product design, function and quality as well as production efficiency and technique. New products are always developed to meet the demands of both new and existing markets with emphasis on product design, function and quality as well as production efficiency and technique.

We are one of the few factorys that are capable of designing and manufacturing the new products all in house, which certainly shortens our new product development time frame.

To build the highest quality printer, devices and consumables, we invest into the research and development of new products and technologies to always ensure our customers have every competitive advantage to succeed.