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Total budget-friendly printing solution provider

Not your traditional supplier, but your innovative consultant

In this modern world, printing has infiltrated into all aspects of our lives: work, home, travel, amusement, education … They are everywhere! There are many different types of printing, so that you may be overwhelmed by infinite choices. It is not easy to choose a right one, or you can hardly realize that a certain task can be achieved by printing.

Nowadays, buying a product forge you to become expert in that field. You need to know about material, manufacturing process. What we often see is the lack of knowledge and information as a problem. 

The most important task of Vileed is to offer best solution to our clients. We offer cost-effective printing solutions and tutorials for short-run digital printing, wide-format signage printing, heat transfer, direct-to-object printing, barcode & RFID, 3D printing, which can surely save you time and money spent searching and trying. Vileed manufactures comprehensive range of printer, consumables and supplies for all types of printing method such as inkjet, laser, thermal, sublimation, UV and 3D print. as well as post print finishing devices to satisfy various customer requirements.

        All types printing from Vileed

  • Laser | High Volume MFP
  • Inkjet | Large Format
  • Thermal | Barcode & RFID
  • Sublimation | Heat Transfer
  • UV LED | Direct-to-object

Most suppliers are only interested in providing customer with the supply price of the product which is their core business and what they make their money on. They simply don't want to know what is your exact needs, and how to satisfy your needs with the least investment; Or they do not have the expertise or willing to provide any "value added" services. Conversely, no matter you are end-user or distributor, no matter what is your budget, Vileed always have the best solution. You can choose from our basic, pro or plus plans or package specially tailored for your needs, and you can also get vital knowledge base through personal consultancy and various types of our online resources. You will certainly benefit from lower costs and less time spent on projects.

Our passion

We operate our business under these guiding principles since our establishment in 2015:

Our idea from day one has been to create, produce and provide super great printing solutions by really simple and affordable way.

We are excited about building strong relationships with our customers, our distributor, and our partners. We communicate lavishly with our customers and within our organization.

With a passion for creativity, we always involve fresh minds that stand out from traditional competitors’ offerings.


It is not enough to be a market follower anymore - today's business world are increasingly sophisticated and are always looking for something “different”. It is this difference that ensures Vileed staying ahead in the fierce competition, as well as the healthy and sustainable development of the company. With high capability of technique innovation, Vileed continues to launch new products and services in all fields of printing from short-run print, sign & banner print, barcode & RFID, to sublimation transfer and UV LED direct printing, and much more.

A relationship with Vileed gives you more than just products.